Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WANTED for Crime against Commitment

Mr. Ari
Ms. Nupz
Mr. Basu

Crime:- Not even a single blog till now
Punishment:- Have to give a collective TREAT to rest of L.O.C.
Those who will inform them about this will be subjected to a tea party by L.O.C. in the first meeting next semester.


federal perkins loan said...

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meenakshi said...

Good work saurav but its wrong to say that they havnt contributed a single blog...they have...but yes I request all my friends to come forward with their thoughts...we all are waiting to read some more..!!

rohit rai said...

saalo! ko suli par chadha do. kisi kam ke nahi hain. na kam ke naa kaj ke , dushman anj ke.

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