Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Experience i would rather like to forget...

It seems everybody was quite concerned about my whereabouts.
So to begin, I went to ballia, U.P. Incidentally, It happens to be my hometown with which I never felt attached. But this was till 17 days back.
In these 17 days someone as optimistic as me realized that optimism is nothing but fantasy. If there's anything that matters, it's practicality.
When I was leaving sindri, I planned a vacation to Khajuraho.For all these years’ people talked about khajuraho; I wanted to understand what it in actuality signifies. But, that was never to be.
As I reached my village, I realized that paddy has already been shown and people were roaming around casually. That was short lived, though. Nature struck and it struck very badly. Next four days, it rained continuously. Everybody was loosing there everything (In villages, crops is all people tend to live on.).The paddy fields were submerged. And to top it all, the bouts of rain don’t stop even after that. In midst of all this, I realized, I could do something.
Next day, I called villagers in front of a school campus (where education in itself is a shame on the worst of education possible).In this, I was helped by my grand pa, who happens to be vice president of the village panchayat.
To start with, I addressed the basic concern of everyone, trustworthiness of an outsider like me. As soon as I succeeded, I told everyone how it could be possible to have a drainage system which could help them get out of this massive problem.
Till this, it was simple. The problem started after, they realized some people have to part with their land. I then had to impress upon people, that the loss because of drainage-occupation would be much less than without it. And however, simple it seems, it took four days and half nights of mine. Luckily though, By god's grace(I have turned a believer of god, in whatever form one could think of him), everyone realized the merit and the work started and within 6 days we have all done a remarkable job.
There were issues left to be addresses but God had instilled a sense of optimism, which actually is the fairer version of being practical.
Henceforth, I have traveled seven villages and had analyzed the issues before my people (I retain my integrity).with this people, education is a far fetched dream. For them, the priority lies in getting the basics in place. I went to areas where people excreted on roads, because to them toilets is something they could dream yet not afford. I had met two families, where sons killed their father for their mother, and on hearing their story, I found it the most apt thing that could have been done. I had seen Muslim people served food on paper, in Hindu homes. And what not.......................................

While we talk about commitment to LOC, while we could preach sermons, when we could write poems, when we could lament upon inflation and seek help in finding love interest; why can't we join hands to raise people above a standard where they could contribute to our nation. And that would be the day, when we would count and above all our nation would count. That would be the day we would tackle inflation, solely on our human resource. Whatever that stinking oil does, we would have erected a wall unsinkable.



meenakshi said...

that grt to hear abt ur experience yaar....I am also with you may not be today...may not be tomoro...but one day I will be there with those who need...!! we are proud of you yaar!! grt job!!

rohit rai said...

yaar! it wasn't that a great job, just a little bit satisfying. the greater job was me understanding their life at core.

meenakshi said...

its ok these are just different people feeling and thinking in different way....

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