Sunday, July 6, 2008

IN PURSUIT OF...................

hi locians!
so how went the last week?
last sunday went to gokul's home.gokul knows my weal point that i love sweets.ate about 6to8 varieties and the food was superb.couln't have asked for a better start for the week.
now some sachin's sermons-------
live each day as if it is your last , then one day you'll be true!!!!!!!!!!
always listen to your inner voice.never let it influenced by sure about your talents and the weaknesses.always remain a student,a gives you what you deserve and not what you want.don't make life like a diode.if everything in life is running smoothly, the current of happiness swiftly flows.but when posed with reverse biased(problems,challenges),why break down?why bog down?
right now whoever is going through my blog,just close your eyes and think for a moment what you want with your life.if you have not still closed it please,i beg you please close it.

now i suppose you have opened it.just from this moment start working towards that have the upon it.cut loose.think positive.always feel happy.
and if at any point in life you feel dejected just remember those situations,those precarious situations you have been through and how you overcame all those?

may be you would be thinking what happened to me?but really those sermons have been my realizations in this summer.sometimes life takes a long time to let you learn a lesson,sometimes a moment is enough to change your life.

now it's time for the phoenix to raise from the's time to hold your head high and be counted.and friends keep working towards our motto,our aim-change.never stagnate.always strive for the change.

may God bless you all in your endeavors.wishing you all success .


Saurav said...

Good Work buddy !!

Volcano will erupt soon ....

meenakshi said...

grt wrtn yaar...every word says smthn in itself...keep goin...expecting lots in future...go on..

meenakshi said...

sachin keep on writing...its really good and inspiring...i will be waiting for more...I AM WAITING.........

dynamicity....prevail said...

Man! i had seen life in last 17 days and i could only say....sermons don't make a man deeds do...but certainly impressive,crystal clear.

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