Saturday, July 12, 2008

I fell in love with her once again.

This happened 15 years back, when i was a kid of 6years.

There was a girl in my extended relation, a couple of years younger. She came to my village for a marriage ceremony.We instantly took a liking to each other. We used to do everything ,that we could do , together. By the first weekend, i was so sure of marrying her, that i announced (to my family members) then only, that i would, if ever have to marry, she would be the one. This announcement though was the culmination of continous teasing by my cousins.

Once, the marriage solemnised, she left. And with time, all these things got completely blurred. We never met in all these 15 years . And by now, I had forgotten everything that happened then.
But i was made to recollect evrything by ma sister (when i went to meet her after her child's delivery). She even reminded me the name that i had so completely forgotten. And as soon as it could be, i recollected everything. Everything dormant in memory, for last 15 years , came bubbling out.

That was it to be. I never thought of it again. And as such, i never ever expected to meet her again.

But destiny has different plans for me .Ma cousin, who arrived to attend a marriage ceremony, asked me to accompany him. I had least possibility to be there as i had no invitation. And i don't know why, but i broke my rule of conduct (which i had strictly adhered to even in extreme situations). Anyway, i went to this ceremony even without an invitation.

Once there, everything seemed so dull. I rarely knew anyone there. But somehow, there was lot of sweets and i ate to my fill.

But in midst of all this, something happened that was once in a lifetime thing for me. I saw a girl, who was really beautiful, if not eternally. she talked nice and cute. And i instantly developed a liking for her. I was already being sure, that if i could talk to her, my vacation is done. But as a matter of fact,i asked my cousin an introduction of her.
And then the feeling was ,"oh god! i couldn't believe this". I realised without doubt, that she is the reason-in-waiting, for i was scared of commitment.
she is the same girl, i fell in love with 15 years back. And could you believe i had fallen in love not once but twice this time.
And what shit! once i knew, she was her, i couldn't even make myself talk to her.
i was so over rawed, i din't even ask her, "if she remembers me?".
But somehow i got a feeling, she does.


meenakshi said...

so rohit finally you are in love....congrts!!!!!

rohit rai said...

kabhi kabhi bhagwan, kamino par bhi duwa kar dete hain.

sachu said...

bilkul sahi kaha rohit tumne.....

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