Saturday, November 17, 2007

And here comes the Man himself:- ROHIT RAI

PD has already outlined the story of the outset of L.O.C. And the person who of course features most prominently is me. I mean, if being called gigolo and glutton is any issue to readers. But in a kind, I am happy he has done that. And of course I am thankful to Saurav for putting up such a brilliant introduction of me, the only problem there being a misconception of his of me being interested in boys. This when I am entirely and completely into girls (if your dirty mind has started overworking here please do keep it straight).

Well it’s kind of too much about me. It’s a different case altogether here that there’s rarely anything more interesting than me.

Anyway moving to the L.O.C., I would like to congratulate each one out here to have successfully completed our first interaction. And I was only too happy to be the first one to have the privilege of addressing you all. But then, I am only too confident that you would all agree that PD gave a brilliant beginning to the whole event by introducing it to all of you. If his quotes from Vivekanananda’s is any indication, which he incidentally borrowed from Arijit, he is a great plagiarist (entirely pun intended).But the orator’s concertion that “L.O.C. is a ship and everyone is a captain on it” which meant in his own words that”everyone’s free to steer it to a collective goal”. The goal remains undefined, not because we can’t do that but that because there isn’t any specific meaning attached to it. It’s about everything you can think of, it’s about everything you can dream of, and it’s about everything that is realizable. Come on guys, I don’t really mean sex always. In fact, I meant everything other than sleaze and sensousness. As a matter of fact, L.O.C. is equally about losing control than it being about being in control.

If I keep writing hereon, I know a couple of people would be ready to destroy their monitors, so that they won’t have to read me again. And if I am not wrong, someone could have even planned to murder me .so, it’s a public appeal to be restraint enough to bear me, because this is not the last time from me.

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