Thursday, November 15, 2007


Scene: two days before DSP practical exam…

Mr. Rai proposed the idea of group study with PD. Studies to duur ki baat thi…, PD ended up taking a no. from Mr. Rai (of a girl) whom he is still flirting with. It was then around 12:15 am, when Mr. Rai decided to leave. So Ari & PD escorted him to his block. (Mind you, Mr. Rai is a tall person, yet zigar bahut chota! ) There they woke Bed (dreaming of Meenakshi Sharma), where they started talking about girls, boys and overall sex issues. Mr. Rai was offered the idea to give a lecture on the same as he was experienced enough in the field. His friends often call him ZIGOLO. And guess what? The idea of such a community clicked everyone’s mind. And that’s how actually L.O.C. came into picture. The name was, however, proposed later on…
(Apart from the three members discussed above, thanks to Horlicks too which they had during their discussion).

The Name:

Mr. Rai, Ari and PD after having their delicious meal at NERIST canteen (paneer butter masala, chicken curry, etc.) were heading towards their hostel. Somewhere on the way, Mr. Rai was able to smell good curries (actually a treat by one of our seniors). So his stomach, though full enough, acted like… leave the stomach, summary of the part is that, he wanted to have more. While on the way towards H- Block, near the mini Howrah Bridge (seems to be), they wanted to include the word Lawn…newaz. It was just then that, Are said, “Well, howz L.O.C.?” And gradually, the abbreviation was named- Lawn de’ Organizing Committee.

What is L.O.C.?

L.O.C. is not an abbreviation of the term ‘Line of Control’ but it has got a deeper sense related with the above mentioned term.

L.O.C. in our case stands for ‘Lawn de’ Organizing Committee’ which has got ‘no lines of control’ and no bindings. It was initially figured aimlessly by some of our members(as been already discussed above), just to have fun and only fun…It is a ‘free exit type’ of body where any signatory member is allowed to quit from the body at any moment when he/she wills to do so. However the entry procedure of new members is yet to be decided by the committee in its next session.
It is because of these specialties that L.O.C. is now free to decide whatever it likes starting from organizing discussions on the so called worthless topics such as sex, man-woman relationships etc., lectures by guests, adventurous activities, picnics and any damn idea which comes into ones mind every now and then. Apart from these, L.O.C. aims something really serious. Its entire endeavor will be inclined towards the development of one’s own personality with future perspective. L.O.C. also aims to enhance and furnish the affinity among its members by dint of extensive interactions

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