Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have pictures of some of the stars of the show.

Let me introduce to you to our fir

st Lecturer of the day: Mr ROHIT RAI.

He talked about history, about Adam n Eve (personally I dont know why) but one thing is sure when he speak, you have to listen.... Captivating audiences comes automatically with him and he will make sure that you dont feel bore with his continuous mentioning of terms like---sex, butt, boobs...but boys beware because he is interseted in them too (my personal warning).

Then we have Mr. Gokul Deka, I will tell you his story in detail after his consent on the issue, but it was very instrumental in the birth of L.O.C.

Keep it Up !!

Then its me, your correspondant for the moment...SAURAV.

Thanks for the best wishes, but I will appreciate if you could help me out and post your comments too.

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Anonymous said...

well let me tell the truth, i was knowing nothing about the community, but Rohit(Rai) insisted me to come and I really found L.O.C. the best spot to flourish our ideas and share views.(frankly).
Long Live L.O.C.

Alok Kumar

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