Saturday, November 17, 2007

TIME FOR Debabrata to speak put his mind !!

L.O.C. is all you ever needed !!

Who says the fairy lectures so adoring?
Who says the damn exams bloody scoring?
I live in NERIST and i say,
Life in NERIST is so fucking boring!!

Time to checkup,time to change;
Time to feel and do the strange.
Yeah guys!!IT'S L.O.C. TIME!!
Shape your thoughts,have dreams arrange.

Say your concepts,share your goal,
Have some fun,rock and roll;
Hand in hand,say with me:
We are cool,in body and soul.

Let us make it clear and loud

Let us bring joy,cheers to crowd;
With our L.O.C.,with our prayers,
Let us make the whole world proud.

(Dont tell me that I didnot cautioned you,this guy has got tremendous talents, and the poem shall serve as a very spectacular introduction to those who are new for the concep of L.O.C.)

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