Friday, February 25, 2011

A lie again

Lies are always more interesting than truth....nicer to hear...but a pain too, it has got such a huge burden....Yet i lied again..told somebody that i am happy without her..but trust me!! it was enormously tough but it's an amazing feeling to spare somebody a pain in the belief that she has hurt you....i told her i am really happy with her decision..told her i so wanted her to take it but trust me!! deep inside i want her to think again...once again...

But it feels so good to know that she is happy there, all smiles...and yeah! i am the reason for it..that is wat i wanted to do in my life...bring smiles to people's lives...i am bringing it!! Bravo me!!

Now who said lying is bad??


rohit said...

bravo dude.....i did same today.

deV said...

It's not bad if it makes somebody happy (for a good cause).

Day before yesterday my gf wanted to live a life without compromises, without barriers and be more free like singles.

I said ok. Her happiness is my happiness. Nothing else. We broke.
I missed her that day.

I missed her the day after.
I miss her today.

She messaged me a few hours ago:
" I am sorry. I AM SORRY I LIED. I can't live without you. I can't hurt you. I can't be like my friends who flirt around 3 to 4 guys a time. I want to be with you. Plz forgive me if you can"

My point: If you lie in love and if its both-sided, its not gonna last, your love will come back to you. Else, bravo..keep cheering!!!

Rohit said...

@dev: too good dude!!

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