Wednesday, May 11, 2011



What is adventure?? What makes one excited?? What is the source of thrill for one?
A crazy car race!! May be paragliding!! May be scubadiving!! Tracking!!
Or may be sitting alone in a room with a lappy which is connected to the whole world…with a headphone playing What a wonderful life by Louis Armstrong…..or leaving on a jet plane by John Dever….midnight of a summer…1:30 am in the watch…a distant room in a flat of Kharghar…leaving behind the busy but now deserted roads….
When the whole world is sleeping I m getting adventurous….
People laugh at me….what a boring girl is she?
She stays in the most happening and hot city in the country…has never been to pub and discs…has never tasted beer…has never danced like crazy in wild music…has never been for a night out…. has she lost all her excitement in life?? Is she so lazy??
But people wont understand my definition of adventure…..
People wont understand the happiness I get when my adventure with my mixed sabzi in typical Bengali style becomes finger licking good!!
My adventure with running for a local train… adventure with googling the impossible finance terms…my adventure with my recently accessing my bank account sitting back at home…my adventure in getting lost in the midroads and finding out the right destination…my adventure with my yoga teacher when I was interviewed about assam and I was so proudly describing it….my adventure with eating my own cooked lunch after long hours of starvation…my adventure at looking at the moon from my window on a mumbai sky very clearly…….or with my little nephew who surprises me with his superultimate activities every time...
No… people want understand….. or may be they will….but should I bother about what they feel or think about me and my style of ADVENTURE???
The question is open to the forum…..
But I cant let go these small small though exclusively precious sources of happiness just like that from my life…..


pD said...

contentment comes from within..keep urself busy so that u don't have enough time to think about what people feel about ur lifestyle..feel good about what u do..
looking forward for a 'mixed sabzi' lunch sometime :)

poly karmakar said...

Thank you PD..but no mixed sabji..we'll have maacher jhol..i have enough of veg people around me out here..

pD said...

even better :)

Demi said...

Love this post. The simple answer is- DO WHAT YOU LOVE. If in the end of your life, you did the things that made you happy, rather than the things people expected you to do, then that is success and true living.

Saurav said...

Right Demi,

Loving what you love is the ultimate reason for satisfaction. :)

dynamicity....prevail said...

Adventure is all about 'celebration of that spirit'..the spirit that wants to get mad, wants to get happy ,wants to get sad for no reason.This, because adventure has never been defined and never would's everything that gives you a high...and if you can derive that high for anything , I SAID ANYTHING, you are adventurous.

Let that spirit venture
into boundaries so limitless
that time cease to exist
reason has no meaning
and all that stands between you and happiness
be you, be you!!

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