Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey guys...whassup!!!
Sab bariya na?
Had a nice time today guys so thought of sharing with you all. Today we went to meet sachin in IISc bangalore.We refers to me,meenakshi,sourav and nivedita. We met sachin,salil bhaiya n angshuman modak(2k4 batch EC). The group was a whole nerist group but with diverse personality. I could never think of nivedita mallick talking with sourav and sachin so nicely!! Salil bhaiya was with us for a very short time but till he was there we enjoyed his company so much!!
Angshuman was so excited to show us the whole campus...all these made me realise that whatever we were in college does not matter now..the only thing matters are we are from the same college. Whenever,wherever we see or meet people from our college it feels so nice,so close and if that person is from same branch then BANG!! We never ever remember what kind of relationship we had with this person in college...the only thing we care about that this guy is from the same batch as us and so we share kind of same nostalgic feelings..we are able to go through the beautiful journey through the memory lane not alone.
Had a pretty nice time today...and ya,one more thing- this tuesday i attended a classial concert that ose for 12 hrs..6 pm to 6 am. It was my first such a long classical event and i am glad to say that it was worth being awake all night..great experience!!
I hope everybody must have something new in life..have a great time ahead guys..c ya soon... :)

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