Friday, June 20, 2008

bye bye locians

If ther's one thing that i remember most profoundly about 5-1, its that chilling night in PD's room, when instead of being bogged by MATLAB practicals, we decide to create a thing anew. These "we" were PD , ari and me.And the thing anew is "LOC".
From that day onwards,we locians has moved hand in hand, though i am not sure if all. But considering the fact that, cons are part and parcel and the most natural thing that could ever be; I agree LOC has a been a memorable journey.
Why i decided to drop myself midway is an entire saga.That ofcourse was borne out of numerous incidents and factualities,which i always wanted to ignore but couldn't at last.
I need to be hugely sorry to most of the people whose joining of LOC to some extent, i am pretty sure, was motivated by my presence into it. But then, I always maintained, I am not trustworthy...surely,i am kidding here.
Organising debate had been a lovely part of association.Though sadly enough,the aftermath was never hunky dory.I still maintain, a couple of people has to dampen themselves to create a picture worth rejoicing. And then that would be the day, i would be happy or let's say sad enough that i was once a part of LOC.
I am sure all those people who thought of leaving LOC, after i did so, would reconsider their decision and be happy about that no.14.
to be your queries, if any , i would answer.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.
And a request to all members, Please write for this Blog Space, Share your views !!

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