Friday, June 20, 2008


And now, the tide turns to the hedron, gokul. Hi dude! I am not sure if i am correct but what you said that day has been a bit formal, which ofcourse wasn't expected of you,that because we are so close. Anyway, I wish i continue with what you said that day ,"initiation of friendship" every time , god allows me too.And thanks for all the complements. And one thing more, next time you people have a case study, if you think its apt call me. I have understood you a lot and would like the world to know real deka.

Hi meenakshi! i don't know why, but owing to the "law of primacy", i am really losing track of what has been said that day.And, i know you people would forgive me, if i get wrong anywhere. Anyway, when did we came that close only god knows. But whatever you spoke was yeah certainly true. I accept, to me friendship is such a valued possession.The said precisely is the reason why i am discrete in committing. For sure, if i decide, the one need to be worth. And, i am quite sure, this goes on to my discredit. But i have made handful of friends here and there and hopefully won't have to long for them ever. And yeah! i am warning you people about me a good man theory. beware..

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meenakshi said...

hiiii rohit...nice to read ur views...u r my friend and alwayz will be!! tk cr!!

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