Tuesday, November 4, 2008

mY diaRy pAge(2)...

"OK,Mr.Denise Douglas,you had a long journey to get to here,tell us more about it."
(oh! forgot to mention you....I changed my name...am not Debabrata anymore.....but kept my initials DD...I mean, I adopted Christianity.)

"thank you...Miss. Green..I must say you are looking great(laughs) and a very good afternoon to all the viewers out here..it has been a pleasure to be a part of the "PEOPLE"...yeah,i worked really hard, put on innovation, surveyed what best suites our customers since back in 2015 when I arrived US from India and joined my first firm as a marketing executive at a Wal-Mart subsidiary store..it just carried on from there....it's simply.a dream come true"

"OK,you are probably the next style-icon, the passion driving Americans crazy...so tell us about your choices"
"starting with literature....i read a lot of Mario Puzo..specially "godfather"...i fell in love with it and in classics,i think mark twain did a great job. i like Spielberg movies and 'battleship Potemkin' is really a masterpiece, i think."

"tell us more about your wardrobe collections"
"its listless,come on"
"our viewers are your fan,for them....if you can....just line up a few...i think you can do that...i am a personal fan of your work,i admit to that"
"thank you for that....ok......then,let me tell you some chords that always strike hard on me, my favorite wardrobe is a 'Armani versace', 'Christine Dior' or a 'Louis Vuitton'. a 'versace' tuxedo is an all time favorite...'new york' pants, shoes from 'lee cooper',London, sunglasses from 'Chanel' are a few of my chosen ones......you know, it's hard to be a style icon"

"let's come to the lighter part of you, you work throughout the year...where do you like to spend your holidays anyway?"
"well, well, well....my favorite city would be London, fleet street and i have my personal holiday consultant 'Conde Nast' which is a french-based company"

"we heard a lot about you being choosy in your dinner table...can you let me know your personal favorite list just?"
"ok....if you go to my shelf, you will find all the essence of Chinese, Italian top classes...i like lasagna, basically its Italian flavored essentially with the essence of acorn and almonds"

"it's my favorite too..ok,Mr. Douglas, tell us something about Indian....you are of Indian origin, i heard about"
"well,India is great....India.......India is a great country...well,don't stress it now, i am an American now and that's what really matters"

.....suddenly, it turned black...
i had nothing to say.

the mesmerizing flavor of the serene air gone, the atmosphere turning gloomy, i could feel my cheeks getting warmer...Miss Green evanesced somewhere amid all this...i opened my eyes.

"gosh, it was a dream?"

the splintering sunlight plunged into my face, the winter wind gentle on my hair...aligning it sideways...forcing me to close the shutter...wake up, sit still, yawning, hibernate for a while.

my sis marched over to my pillow side, handled me the bedroom tea, dressing the coir and blankets back to place.
"bro, you woke up so early...it's not even six...anyway, good morning bro"
"good morning, its sunny already dear."

....**** part 2/4 ends****....

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