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[this following blog is a formulated personal diary page format. for the writer,the symbology relates to the intimacy of ones' thoughts,expression of substantial ideas and putting them down in a written space. from the readers,the writer just expects a reciprocation and understanding of themselves and understanding through him.]

31 Oct' 08
10.45 pm
Sometimes, its better to think less.
Sometimes,its better to make yourself on the safe side, be on the optimist part of "you"....the part of you everybody knows about, talk about.
Sometimes, i should not care about these things.

Maybe something about the sometimes is "sometimes somewhere true".......but what about when that something comes over to you, again and again, questions about "you"...questions WHO I AM and WHAT I SHOULD DO...QUESTIONS ABOUT MY WHOLE EXISTENCE...MY ENTIRE PRESENCE..my purpose of THIS LIFE!!

year 2030
Dec 24
7.30 in the evening.
Christmas eve.
Time Warner studios.New York,USA.

The film rolls and "action".
I sat cross-legged, plunging backward down the laxed upholstered couch, cigars lined up along the fathomed,much adorned cigar-box cedar especially 4 me. I could see the focused young white fellow man-handling the six Sony cinematography cameras lined up inclined side-by side for a better view, the lightening instrumentals, the soothing aroma, sizzling freshener, bulged up luminosity...and....the much fancied Miss Catherine Green was by my side, gazing at me. I must say she was looking amazing, glamorous. but after all, I was the star of the night.
Two pieces of "PEOPLE" lay by my side, cornering the see-through glass piece, also comprising of lavender vase, blue Chinese terracotta vessel adding to the beauty of the show...
I have been chosen the "fashion icon of the 'Christmas issue' edition" of the 'PEOPLE' magazine...the 'Washington post' addressing me as the 'person of the year'. I was famous.
The set, the stage was simply perfect.

"OK,Mr.Denise Douglas,you had a long journey to get to here,tell us more about it."
(oh! forgot to mention you....i changed my name...am not Debabrata anymore.....but kept my initials DD...I mean, I adopted Christianity.)

....end of part 1/4...

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Saurav said...

Wonderful Mr. D.D. Its been a treat to read this...

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