Sunday, August 17, 2008

sachin reporting



HOBBIES: reading books, playing cricket and bathroom singing

NERIST: proud to be a product of this institute. We, at NERIST, have it to make a name for ourselves. The seniors have been very very inspiring, helpful. I’ll ensure that I make my institute proud of me.

EC-2K3: This batch is just awesome. The way they cooperate, coordinate with each other is just great. And the best thing is that when someone will remember EC-2K3, it’ll not be individuals but the whole batch as a whole. The future managers, technocrats and scientists you name them and we have them. EC-2K3 -----this word will always motivate me and whenever I’ll feel down and out I’ll just remember you guys………so beautiful at their hearts.

LOC: it has been a great concept. Lucky to have been a part of the process. LOC will always hold a special place in my heart. One thing I’ve learnt from LOC is that once you commit yourself to something, stick to it and even if there is some problem try to communicate with each other. Don’t leave the ship in the midst of the tempest.

My identity: hi this is sachin. Main ek accha baaccha hoon aur duniya mein acchaii spread karne le liye paida hoya hoon. Kya aap meri maadat karenge?

My commitment towards life: I’m 24*7 commited (of course towards life yaar ladki hai kahan!!!!!!!!!!!)

My commitment towards friends: 2.5

My commitment towards LOC: 4.0


Aim: To utilize our precious time in the best possible way by being with friends, share our thoughts and to do hell of mastiiiii….

Apparatus: friends, loads of laughter, cup of tea , pakoda and thoughts ,ideas, emotions, commitment

Theory: it’s strictly a practical course where everything is based upon serendipity (at the spur of the moment). No theories entertained.

Equations involved:

Thoughts + ideas = LOC.

Cup of tea+pakoda = acidity (so we should drink a cup of milk right….)

Friends+ friends= great time.


1) Go through the process thoroughly and enjoy life.

2) Be positive, keep smiling

3) If at any point of time you want to weep, take out your handkerchief and use it cautiously.(we at LOC feel very strongly as far as hygiene is concerned)

4) Don’t overeat pakoda…….next day’s start will be awful.

Result: it’s never ending process. Experiment goes on. Results awaited.


We feel so honored, so proud to introduce to you a practical course where the one and only precaution is that you should never try to take a precaution. Remember it.

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