Saturday, August 16, 2008

Basu in black & white to fellow LOC'ians....mane tu, ya mane na...

Name: Basumitra Chakraborty
Nick Name: Basu
Hobbies: Workin out in gym, cheking out new deos & perfumes, Listening music on good music systems
What comes to your mind when:-
NERIST - your Alma mater:
I dragged myself all the way .

EC 2K3:
Dynamic in true sense. Studies or regular responsibilities are never a hurdle in enjoying life in true spirit. Can give jittres to anybody, whoever dares to challenge us. From studies, sports, cultural to ....politics we always have a upper hand. We started here in a much descrete way, that, were, used in living alone but gradually became something really continuous over all these years. Though the most populated branch(40) but, good gestures are always unanimously accepted in EC 2K3.
15 friends came together to know eachother better & add some value to each others' lives in whatever way they can. To me its the planet where we wont give a second thought to egoes of ourslves but will surely give a boost our self respect, where we wont sbmit to mis understandings but will try to see through ourselves and eachother, where we would rather smile to the friends who sometimes get naughty with us, than yelling at them. Where we grow up, we should rather try to simplify ourselves than getting entangled in messy knots.

Your Identity:Your Learning/ Contribution to L.O.C. :
i am really surprised to realise how some people are really commited to commitment and trying to learn from them. i can add some lightness to the ocassional grim situations during heated sessions. i do regularly put forward my ideas in the metings and i am never dumb.
Rate yourself: (1-5, 1 being least and 5 being best)
() Committed towards life :- 4.99
() Committed towards friends:-4.5
() Committed towards L.O.C.:-4

Your Idea of L.O.C.:-
we have come a long way , still miles to go, just dont give up when its time to stand up tall & strong.

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