Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Questionaire

Name: Rohit Ranjan

Nickname: Rocky

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing cricket and listening music. I have taken cricket as my hobby as I like cricket a lot. Cricket is like, a passion for me. In my weekends I usually passed my time by playing cricket and rest of the time I prefer listen music or sometimes I prefer movies.

NERIST – Your alma-mater: NERIST is a place where I have grown and still growing to a young engineer from a school kid. This is a place where I have seen and understand what life really is? This is a place where I study, play cricket, enjoy adda with friends, dance and sing, roam around and stare beautiful girls. This is a place where I found my identity, my value in my family and among my friends. And in my final year I want to enjoy NERIST to its fullest.

EC 2K3: EC 2K3 is my designation that I belong to Electronics and communication engineering, batch 2003. It is the name which I always remember. The class where I did my all classes of Engg. with my friends. It is not only the class, name or designation; it is everyone’s strength. EC 2K3, who always wanted to take challenges.

LOC: LOC for me is the name under which we organize meetings every weekend and talk upon some topics in order to improve our communication skills. It is the group of 15 peoples who meet every weekend to share their point of view.

Your Identity: Still looking for it. I am Rohit for my family and my friends. But for me I am not able to understand myself. I always ask a question from myself that what kind of person I am. And I am unable to answer that. Therefore I can not write more on it.

Your learning/contribution to LOC: I have learned some thing from LOC. I have learned to make friends. I have learned to talk a little more. In DRDO, Delhi I am able to talk and could make friends because of this only.
About my contribution, I have contributed my two hours of weekend to LOC. I am innocent about it.

Rate yourself (out of 5):
1. Committed towards LIFE: 3.5
2. Committed towards FRIENDS: 4
3. Committed towards LOC: 3

Your idea of LOC: LOC is a group of fifteen members who meet every weekend to talk on any kind of topic. This is the platform where we can speak anything we want without any bound. After coming long way with LOC we had some bitter experiences. But now it seems ok. So I think LOC should go in the same manner as it was going before.

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