Saturday, August 16, 2008


Name: Kumar Saurav

Nick Name: A lot of names i have got in NERIST, And I am still counting!!

Hobbies: On the outset I love so many things and when I like something it means complete dedication. These times in NERIST I can be found mostly on my PC, god save it( because I hardly use the "Shut Down" option)!! But apart from blogging, I use to write a lot, anything and everything. I am, my favorite poet, writer. It is clear from the fact that I enjoy reading what I have written. I tend to give a reflection to all around me that I am a deep thinker, but I am not. I take things at ease and am a Easy going guy...
Ya I also use photoshop software to some good effects and prefer not to sign below any paper I draw upon.

What comes to your mind when:-

(1) NERIST - your Alma mater : Some may agree, when I say that I always knew that life at NERIST would not only be about a technical degree. It will and had been about learning to live on your own, learning to work as a team, building my own team. NERIST has been the perfect launch pad for six years, taught wonderful lessons, and also gave enough exposure to practically live through what had been taught. Going through people of eleven batches....98 batch to 2k8 batch in this beautiful valley I think I have enjoyed everything with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart.

(2)EC-2k3: The best thing that could happen to you!! Wonderful group of skillful souls...Life at her most rewarding days must have been choosing for me. I took my time to intermingle, but once I came forward I have been putting my best feet forward barring some occasions!! EC-2k3, even from a neutral point of view had been the among the bests this institute has ever got. Unfazed from all distracting activities we stood together each and every time. In short I can say, its an perfect case study material for learning successful team work.

(3)L.O.C.: And then it happened!! This formation of L.O.C. just proved the essence of human nature which never ceases to look for more. We found a way to break the shackles, which slowly and surely we were already doing, in a more organized way. We chose to have fun, share our point of view over different issues of academic and non academic interest. This gave a wonderful opportunity to all who chose to be a part of this, in terms of getting some exposure beyond classrooms. And add to it the TEA, and we had a deadly combination of FUN & LEARNING.

Your Identity: Here comes the toughest question!! But I can answer this one. My name itself is my identity, over the years it has been synonymous with confidence, trust, faith... Flattering..?? Huh!!
And yes! Believe me its a vicious circle which keeps sanity prevailing and I would like to be known for my DEDICATION towards my work, for my MORAL ETHICS towards life, yet deriving FUN.

Your Learning/ Contribution to L.O.C. : I have learnt a lot. Starting from a false notion that I have nothing to learn from this idea, it seems I have been on the receiving end more than any other member. I have learnt how important it can be to put the effort together for the cause of society. I have learnt to stand up for my friends, to back them with endless ease. To be more patient, and most important of all is to make friends. Understanding psychology was never my topic before this concept came.
And I can say that LOC has also been receiving some ideas, though reciprocated and refined from the very platform from my side. I have been active and trying to see through some troubled times.

Rate yourself: (1-5, 1 being least and 5 being best)
() Committed towards life :- 3
() Committed towards friends:-5
() Committed towards L.O.C.:-5

Your Idea of L.O.C.:- In her present form this concept is doing quite well till now, but then there goes the concept that the scope of improvement is never gone. And I am sure we will stand up against everything and try to build up the TRUST and become recognisable as a cohesive unit.

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