Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Talking about different things...

Now its the second time that the power shortage has reminded me that I am in Patna. Not that I often complain about such trivial things in life like electricity shortage in the town but there is hardly any change in the condition over the past decade that I have acknowledged.

And then there is INFLATION -- already in the double digits. I say "already" because if it's because of the rising oil prices in the international market - things are only going to worsen from here on.

We all used to study about coal, petroleum product being of limited in stock on the planet and so soon ( not even out of College) we are practically looking at the kind of effect we can have through the shortage of nature's most precious gifts. Suddenly when we are supposed to handle this world, we are already on our backfoot.

Here in Doordarshan, like in almost all Public enterprices, only few work sincerely and rest all just fill in the required numbers. I am learning some new things, but things don't seem so bright with Doordarshan.

And Welcome to Paramita and Poly in the world of blogging, and we are sure the webpage will now be something to look forward to...

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