Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random Post. Chennai June, 2015

Blogging at the breakfast table at a hotel in Chennai. I think this idea of complimentary breakfast buffet suits me well. I am most hungry at this time of the day anyways.

Chennai never ceases to amaze me. Every time I come here I have to tone down my expectations in terms of the luxury you expect from a metropolitan and on the other side increase the freshness quotient expected from India's 5th largest city.
Chennai is beautiful, serene and have a presence in its own unique way. No wonder people love it. Specially if you are talking to a native Tamilian.

Quite a lot is happening around and at a fast pace. I was trying to figure out my passions in life the other week and when I hit a roadblock I reached out to my wonderful friends for their opinions. Frankly, I wasn't surprised by the variety of answers which I got, and it did help me clear out a few doubts which crept in during this exercise. Alas, I haven't reached a particular conclusion, other than the fact that Passion is not something which HAPPENS to you, it is something which you CHOOSE to do with your life. And I am yet to choose.

Also that is not the only thing I haven't chosen. The pressure form the family to choose and to settle down has gone up a few levels. "It's high time" is what PD can relate to ..... I have no doubts about settling down, and as Rai demonstrated that there is nothing wrong with calling it a day when you meet the right person, it has only strengthened my idea of marriage.

Wishing Meenakshi all the very best as she is next in line to finally drop down the anchors before she starts another fabulous journey.

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