Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guys, I DONATED BLOOD YESTERDAY and IT FEELS GREAT....350 4 minutes..all my life i was waiting for this moment...i was not eligible before actually!!

It was State Blood Transfusion Council..which came to college and organised the camp..we also checked for thelesamia minor..

Strangely,85% of the donors were girls..some of them were not capable but they reached there..i suppose its easy to stir them emotionally..or the other way round they have more tolerance..(Guys, dont take me wrong!!)

Please do take this opportunity...provided you are confident of your health conditions..


Saurav said...

Hey Congrats Poly, must be an amazing feeling!

Keep it up!


meenakshi said...

poly i dnt beleive that.....they allowd u for the same??????????????

poly karmakar said...

Yes fact i was also not sure when i was going for hb test..but i passed it..and everything was fine.

pD said...

gud..keep it up!!

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