Tuesday, January 26, 2010

INFOSYS: So far, So Good ! Actually its Great !

I heard the batting genius Sunil Gavaskar saying this about greatness. We tend to loosely term every bright part of our life as great but there is a difference between good and great.

But with my share of experiences so far i would still go for the term Great.

Travelled from home city Patna to Mysore on a journey exactly 60 hours to reach to the cozy den of mine from where i am writing this piece.
The journey, which began by boarding the train SanghMitra Express on 3rd December 2009, was unique in many ways,
a. Papa got stuck with the parking lot problem and surprisingly I had mom to rescue for the first time visit to railway station to accompany me to my coach.
b. The train crossed over 7 states of India which was incredible,

On Sunday 6th december, we checked in, as instructed. The entry procedure was a very simple yet comprehensive.

More to follow...
Stay tuned...
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