Monday, January 25, 2010

Continuing from where i left ...

I have never been a picnic stuff throughout my life as you all know me..
But whenever its about organizing one, specially when noone is willing to, it comes naturally from inside.

This was one of those days when noone was sure about taking up responsibility of the group as a whole, because we hardly know each other yet. And believe me, its easier to control children than young professionals who have just recently got the tags of being gentlemen.
The destination was a wonderful water fall, as it turned out to be. And the group was an incredible bunch of gems.. We all just had everything right and to our pleasure. The water fall was tremendous and yup it was much more than risky at times.
Once i had a pulse of getting at the top to see the origin of the water, it was a risky trekking skill revisited which i have refined after coming from college. And i fell in love with heights again. Once i was midway it occurred to me that climbing up may have been adventurous but climbing down on wet and slippery rocks was a very bad idea. I was tired of the past 3 hours of playing in water and from the top the picture was not very bright.

There were moments when i was not in a position to appreciate the amount of pressure which gravity was applying on my body as well as on my mind, but i kept it simple and before others could sense the nervousness in my smile i got down safe and sound.
I touched a rainbow and helped 'someone' to get a taste of the thrust the natural shower has to offer when it falls right on you. And the person was really grateful for that amazing experience. No guys,relax, i was not flirting..
We as professionals are not supposed to :-):-):-):-)

The rainbow was a treat and i never realised that such a beautiful phenomena of science could happen so close to me as if it were our practical lab. Nature at its best.. I am definitely loving this.. Ta rum pum pum..

Monday sessions are as boring as they can be on any monday and i am looking forward to a good sleep on Tuesday, Republic day.

Hope you all are doing fine..
Have a nice day ahead..

Lots and lots of love,

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deV said...

Sounds fun...Njy Man...

Saurav said...

Waiting for you all...

Who all are coming with you? Any parents?
I will arrange for the visitor's tag.
Please let me know, as soon as possible.

My new number,


pD said...

wow, datz gud..njy with ur someones' ;)

pD said...

observed another thing..
our names (THE TEAM OF L.O.C.)are in reverse alphabetical order..first all guys n then gals


Saurav said...

That was correct observation...

Thanks for all your wishes !
Happy Republic Day !

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