Friday, January 1, 2010


Jan 01, 2010
1410 hours.

Hi guys,
Amm..So this is it…the most anticipated moments showing up the lights…the new year with all its new hopes, aspires, oppurtunites for me, for all of you has finally showed up. For you may be thinking of it as an end to a 53rd Thursday and the beginning of yet another 1st Friday but then, its remarkable nevertheless citing the “BALL” dropping at New Yorks’ Times Square, ‘Jai Ho’ tunes singing in the air above the Australian sky, magical fireworks around Sydney, London, NorthWest Ohio, performers’ rocking concerts around Mumbai, Bengaluru & Goas’ steaming parties……there is simply joy in the air.

Well, it sounds it counts.

Anyway guys, it’s the new year day and I have received wishes all over since midnight and its really wonderful and touching when you have so many strands standing with you, wishing you merry days around the year. I wished all too within my reaches and yeah, it’s a rejoicing, enticing make-a-wish celebration or conversation when you get through it. It’s beautiful. And for sure, it motivates someone and clears the heart for all.

Last word, I wish all of you readers a ‘Very Happy New Year’ times ahead and its time you step out and start wishing for all you really care about.
As I said, my role is just to get your motivation and I can just hope I did that because:
Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”. - Jim Ryun

See you all.


Saurav said...

"Motivation and habit" points to be noted..

Gear up for a real encounter ahead!

Waiting for you all !!


pD said...

jab motivation tha, tab habit ne saath nai diya..aur ab to motivation hi nai hai :(

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