Friday, May 8, 2009

its the nature of human beings.

Being one of the three musketeer of Sachin's play, I just want to ask some questions and also want to share some views. Being a human being, by default, we inherited to be unsatisfied, unhappy, un..........But again, human learned how to hide it within themselves.The responsibilities, tensions,failures made us to fall back, even we tried to be optimistic every time.
We learned to be happy for friends,relatives. We just wanted an excuse for being happy.Winning a cricket match, winning a bet,descent gpa............we always waited for these moments for getting happiness and wanted to express and show on our face.Even now, deep in our heart, we are happy for what we got, sometimes it reveals with some tinges. But situations turn us into dilemma, where we lose hope and could not led us into the right path. Now, what one need to do?
wait for the time (difficult) to pass by
concentrate oneself to some other things(diverting)
other options

Talking particularly, now I learned, why one should have an aim in life. Atleast, you would be concentrated to that goal and this focussing would help you to regain your confidence.

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