Saturday, May 9, 2009

it's just another morning and m waitin for breakfast

It was around 0030hrs when arijit came to my room for water.

I thought two pegs were enough..and so i decided to have my dinner within a few minutes..n then if i was nt wrong, dere waz someone knocking my doors..da guy asked if i was came arijit for water..
Ari said, 'It's already three. I have to go for project tomorrow at 0900 hrs' we decided to finish wid the then then, we already created a new (the second stanza) of our long unfinished work..we added something to our rHYTHM..thing is, when there's music around you and you have the one play u want to, you just don't quit..neither did we..we continued till the last drop of our ac black..however by then, we no longer needed the artificial light..the curtains were moved, the windows were opened..
The dinner plate was still there, untoughed, which i thought was..there were ants all around and the smell was terrific..i still looked for the chicken pieces, four of them to be exact, two big and two tiny ones..they looked better than the rice atleast..i was sure, the ants hate swimming..along with dat, we had potatoes too..ari was laughing at the way i was having the potatoes..i was hungry afterall..we had actually decided to go for a walk after having our food..however, the rain god didn't permit..and we met rajkumar outside his room..he has his practical xm today..
Right now, there is a guy behind me snoring at his best..we had earlier decided to have breakfast and then go to bed (please do take in a positive sense)..
for now, it's 'just another morning and m waitin for breakfast'..and all i know is that, these days won't return again in my life..

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