Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hwz life........

Its truly said…life is a stage of drama…and we all are playing different characters…where there is no rehearsal…it’s a very live show….no repeats, no rewind, no forward…so we should try our best in every shot…but are we always satisfied with our shots…?? I don’t think so….anyways LIFE issi ka naam hai….
My father had a transferable job…Delhi to Varanasi…Gangtok to Jamsedhpur...Jaipur to Ahmedabad to Shillong …so I never even thought that my college life will be in Nirjuli…the name I never before heard…but then a new life started with a fear how I am going to spend 6 long years away from home…I remember when we completed 3 years we were so happy and enjoying at hostel that half NERIST life over…hostel life was full of ups and downs…but the worst part was when there was problem at Girls’ Hostel and our batch was holding SUN…final years stopped talking to me. They even stopped coming to my room. Whatever was the reason but main explanation deti to kitno ko deti. Even juniors started commenting. I was feeling bad that my seniors were angry with me and those who were very close to me and Nupur were avoiding our room…due to which Nupur was feeling very bad. But today I am thankful to that situation. It helped me in learning…in developing a “don’t care” attitude. When I know I am not wrong in what I am doing why should I think about what others are thinking and with that life really becomes cool. Four of us, our friendship, I don’t know what others used to think about our friendship but we never cared about others thinking. We enjoyed every part…in every relation there are ups and downs and so we also had some but then it helped us in getting stronger. Whenever anyone was on a wrong way…in tension…in trouble…whatever…other three were always there. Its like life is full of incidents…every incident has its own definition…and so its own meaning which can’t be explained by these words.
We realize the importance of anything when we lost it. Basu is a great example…when he was in NERIST he was very sure he is not going to miss NERIST…but today when he call me up and say "I am missing NERIST"…when he never forget to give me miss call at night…always initiate messaging…keep complaining to Subhojit that “Meenakshi never comes to meet me”…I feel so good…and we also had a get together at Akshar Dham telmple…enjoyed a lot…Basu, me, Ajung and Tasmeen…that was our first get together after NERIST life….and really enjoyed a lot….looking forward for another!!


Saurav said...

Opps i missed that meeting, I am sure that was loads of fun..


pD said...

ITS TRUE..jeena 'EC' ka naam hai..

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