Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello freinds:

Hello friends.

After one week of induction training at Mumbai, now I am in Chennai for further training as a Trainee Scientific Officer.

Here, life is not so fast as Mumabi,n the climate here is very humid.

The nuclear power plant site is so secure that one of our lecturer stated tha the safest place during natural calamities in the world is nuclear power plant site.

Our hostel is very near to the sea, its a daily routine for us to visit n enjoy the breeze n scenery.

I am enjoying a lot.

Thankyou my friends.

My best luck to all who are sitting for CAT n other examinations.


Saurav said...

Sounds great, I am sure you must be having a wonderful time, lots ans lots of best wishes from all of us..



alokojjwal said...

hi, scientist babu... man lagake training karo... all the best..

pD said...

kya masti hai yaar..
jeeyo..u deserve it n ever better!!

Prakash said...

thanks doston............
missing u all......a lot

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