Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hi friends...whats up? I am in Delhi. Basu se baat hui. He is fine and having a good time with his two roommates. He is doing MBA coaching at TIMES. Sachin is also having a good but hectic routine. Gokul and group ki khabar milti rehti hai. Gokul keep on calling. Poly mausi ban gai. Ved is having a good time at home. I am also fine...aaj GAIL ka exam tha. It was ok. First time at any centre all faces were new. I was alone standing at one corner waiting to get the gate open. All others were having a group...gossiping and all. Sach mein yaar life badi lonely ho jati hai. Its a time when you need suggestions, support...ek saath....and at this point of time we are standing at different points. Anyways aur batao ki haal chal hai. Life mein kya chal raha hai....keep blogging friends.....miss you all. My new number...9711095134 tk cr!!

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