Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hi friends
What’s up? Myself reporting from home (Patna). Everything is boring here. Missing college a lot. But miss calls, messages and calls from friends are helping a lot. Going to Delhi on 30th and don’t know when will be back. Life is going to be tough. But then ye din to ana hi tha. Many things to do in life. Sab kehte hai its easy being a girl but I say its more tough when you are a daughter but have to become a son for your parents. You have to fulfill all expectations of your family. Oh I forgot to Congratulate Debi and Alok Ojwal, hope they proof to be the best teachers. All the best to them and to all. Hope to meet Basu and Rohit in Delhi. Lambu going to Managalore today. Sach mein Sachin 6 years kaha chale gae pata nai cala. Aesa lagata hai kuch din pehle ki baat hai when we ere searching for workshop and labs. Don't know about the next moment, its an unwritten script where with situations you have to play your role. No one is there to guide you for your role. But in college everyone was around helping different wasy. But now it seems You are alone in this journey. Anyways lets see what's more to have in Life.... Take care!!

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