Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kemon acho shobai???

Hello folks! I hope the title of the blog wont bother you people much..most of you must be at home..taking rest..having good food..good sleep...some of you are relaxed as you are sure about your next destinations..some of you are still thinking of the next step and preparing to the best...like me. The 'uncertainity' thing is very relevant nowadays. I dont know about you all...u must be tensed and want to get rid of this hanging situation..but in my case i am enjoying this condition..sounds weird??
Let me explain..when i reachd home at 1.30 am..ma said i am looking like a Somalian..from the next morning she got into the mission of making me healthy..with new dishes and new ways...fish is not available now...still my father never forgets to give a glimpse into the fish market every single day so that he can bring little fresh stuff for his lean and thin daughter...inspite of the sickness my sister never forgets to advise me everyday to take a glass of milk before sleep..
These things are not new...but i am realizing them now..m feeling them now...when i feel them, wo kehte hai na...dil bhar uthta hai..and i feel eternal happiness...this realization is dedicated to my 6 years long hostel life...i would have never felt so deep if i wouldnt have stayed far from them..
Regarding my career the four people around me are trying their level best in all possible ways..this is not for them..this is for me..they want me to be happy...to be safe...to be satisfied..even if i fall at any moment they will be there by my side..this makes me to feel protected and content...this is a small part in my life..but i have learnt from my practice and from Pd to be happy at small and insignificant things..and LOC is the best platform for me to share my happiness...
But we cannot sit idle with this feeling only,right?? So lets build our spirits..galvanise our talents and jump into the war...good results are awaiting..it may take time but patience and perseverence are the essential keys to success...good luck everyone...with all the warmth and wishes and prayers...do take care..and stay connected.

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sachin said...

bhalo achi hami....i hope i'm bengalically correct!!!
i've once again started enjoying life...
u take care....
and keep on drinking milk..

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