Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who's responsible?

   I remember quite evidently, a article, that i wrote long time back. Why i say it here is because it would be something that has to dowith what i write today. Then, for the only time of my life, i acted as a male chauvinist. Talked, how it was women ,who has to be blamed for all the ills they had been facing. I was never, actually, able to publish that article because somewhere my conscience didn't agree.
  Today when i am just back from bangalore and was evidently close to a place that was a center of major news last week.i mean, mangalore, where some so called saviours of hinduism actually barged in a pub and started doing something which was against the morals and ideals of human society.i feel, somehow this is not the best thing to happen.
  I am even more irked, by the low level of reaction against this. This i say in relativity. This problem i feel has a potential of causing greater damage than terrorism ever could. 


  The basic of indian society which was largely hindu in nature was harmony and peace they advocated. While the world was proud of their war heroes, their conquerers, We were proud of ASHOK, Akbar and Gandhi. The point that i am trying to make is, that it took millions of lives, for Ashoka to realise the futility of violence. Akbar and Gandhi was relatively more intelligent. The major point common to  these three was their advocacy for fair means of judgement and violence as a tool to be used in extreme circumstances. The fact, that these three are our's greatest ambassadors is a sheer testimony to the fact that we not only appreciate but render non-violence integral to our culture.So, by not voicing our concern, we are in reality appreciating potential terror. 
  What Ram sena did that evening by claiming to maintain sancity of women, has actually stripped bare the very soul of hindu culture. Hinduism as many say is not a religion but is a way of life . In that case, The females, who were assaulted that evening was every bit hindu. Going to pubs, with friends  have become a way of chilling out in a stressful environmenet. This is quite analogical to the "Mehfils " of our mahals. Only, this is for commoners. And it's so important to be happy in life. In a way then, by going out to pubs for chilling out is actually a attempt to be happy. And this is how they want there way of life to be. and seeking happiness  is central to hinduism.
  But what Ram sena did was not a way of life even in distant dreams. certainly, not in hinduism, where women are not only respected, they are worshipped. That means , ram sena guys gotta better learn a lil bit of hinduism from girls out there. I am quite sure, girls out there would be having soft drinks, but you sure can have some scotch.
   So, let me ask them , why guys? why do you want to malice Ram's name. if you people are not finding proper names, i have good collection of it. Let me give you people an option..How about "shit sena"?

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