Friday, February 6, 2009

Nirjuli to bangalore

Southern selection centre bangalore is a place that will remain etched in my memory for a very long time.That was here, i appeared for my SSB interviews. but the story in the back drop is nothing less than interesting.

I would start from the day we appaeared for our technical screening at JEC.The interviews were fine except for the motto of NCC, which i couldn't answer.

In the aftermath every bloody person in the campus expected that i would get a call letter for SSB.The time kept passing, lot of water has flown down . A nice day , me and ari even concluded that there would be no call letter for us. and two days letter, there it was.Alokojjwal was calling everybody to let know that he has been called for SSB. two days latter almost every deserving candidate has aletter in his hand.
I called up PD in college to know if i too have got my call letter.There, PD ranshacked my dreams by putting up in his monotoniic voice that ellicits so much of laughter always "Nahi! tera letter nahi aya hain". Everybody had only one question in mind, why? and i ahd only answer- "i was not deserving". As put by alokojjwal, people were more intrigued by me not getting a call letter than others getting it.

But as luck would have it, prantar's timely enquiry got me my call letter just a day in time.See the tryst in it,i had already decided that even if i get the call letter then, still i wouldn't be going. But someone there in the heaven was playing a trick with me.. i got the letter and bangalore was the place. god damn! this is the only place in india that i feel like calling mine and i was getting an oppurtunity to be there. Should I or shouldn't I was the question?
Destiny striked again and off was i, half hearted with no aspirations just ruing my decision to go to bangalore.
I had nothing to appear for SSB. No half pants no white shirts, no shoes, no socks..but calcutta was alucky place, it has got a place for all.
The shopkeeper was initially shocked seeing me. i assuased his fears by telling him that i have decided to study late and has just reached class 5. He was impressed, completely.. I am sure, once i left, he got "padhne ki koi umar nahi hoti" imprinted on his wall.
We had a great journey from calcutta to bangalore.. initially with no seats. But destiny as i said was kind again, we ended up having not 1, not 2 but 3 seats to sleep. With a girl in our compartment , ours was the centre of attraction. All 6 of us stucked in a side lower birth, seeking the chance to talk to that petite lady. but the honours finally lauding only viswambhar tiwari. whatever, we were proud of tiwari for his rustic charm which finally proved consolation to our egos. perverts we are..

Bangalore's morning was chilly and we have a day before reporting..when we were setting our feet down from the train we decided that we would study for the day.But bangalore's charm was tough to avoid. Malls, chicks and wat else.. The scale of rating that we had for rating girls has to be recalibrated to suit the standard of bangalore chicks..9 was the talk of the day. sometime for cuteness, others for attitude and at times for the length of skirts.

Next day we reported to Southern selection centre bangalore.

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