Saturday, October 11, 2008

To Bharat,,

P.s. gandhiji recieves thousands of letters everyday , but due to the norms laid down in heaven , he has ceased to reply one and all.Considering the fact that bharat took time to write to him,He seeked special permission to reply to your letter.Unfortunately though, i(personal secretary to gandhiji in heaven) was asked to coin a suitable reply and hence.

Gandhiji felt extremely sad on hearing your pathetic status.But the fact that worsened his sadness was the pessimism on your part. History has been evident, that not once or twice but time infinitum, you stood witness to strife, conflict,hunger,communalism, division, patrtition.And always, it was you who led your people through this to a brighter and prosperous world.
gandhiji , for last 50 years or so, never bothered to write to anyone down there,for his unshakeable belief in you.He always believed that the heavenly beings would keep putting "you" to tests as they had been.If you remember not so long ago,what went over your soil during partition, it would give you the requisite strength.The whole world denied you a chance to exist but you did and you continue to do so and you would.
Sir,Gandhiji feels you have taken a bet from present politicians in writting the stated letter.You have tried to forego your responsibility by laying the blame on gandhiji and his people.Gandhiji feels extreme dejection on usage of such words.He intends to ask, whether you have forgotten that gandhi and all his people are your sons and daughters. He requests you to please remember that you are none other than "bharat".The land which was originator of knowledge in form of vedas,the land which taught the world universal acceptance and tolerance,The land which laid down unshakeable pillars of secularism amidst communal strife.
In his own words,"My friend,My Inspiration please empower your fairheaded sons and daughters to fight against your own evil headed sons.Again,everyone has to fight the evil and not the imbibers of evil"
He appeals to one and all, to be rational and tolerant.
Expecting a better birthday present next time.

your's truly
MK Gandhi
(Through himself and his secretary.)

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of gandhiji and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.

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