Monday, September 22, 2008

rock on!!!!!!!!!!!11it's party,feasta time baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as each day passes out,they say you go closer to your each day passes,you need to remember the moments....the moments which changed your life,the moments which made you think,the moments which brought tears of joy,the moments which you shared with your friends....
may be one day we will not be together.....but yaar reunions ka apna hi maaza hai!!
warm welcome back for the most fake person i've ever met.......Rohit Rai.i liked the script created the scene,the drama and made yourself a tragic hero.kudos to you...(these lines were written to create element of humour.if smile didn't come on your face just strect your lips and say ha ha ha ha....)
but any way rohit i like the genunity in your fakeness.

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