Sunday, September 21, 2008

The questionnaire's answer

The hiatus ends, i ‘m back!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rohit rai

Nick name: David, The man himself, Gigolo and what not!! Sometimes positive, inspired by my thoughts. A couple of times negative as well, brought about by my notions of libertal existence and universal freedom.

Hobbies: Varied and is stated on a time dynamic axis.

A platform , an infrastructure. It gave me an oppurtunity to groom myself from a kid to a boy and then to a man.

EC 2K3:

The first feeling was, what the crap!! these guys suck!! Egoistical, hypocratic!!. But over the years things has changed and of course, for better.

A name that to me is synonymous of excellence. If ever there was a word called “problem”, there was always a another word “EC2K3” that stood for solution. The proof ofcourse could be had from the sheer propensity of the EC2K3ians to lead. And these vary to fields innumerous.

A source of pride!! When ever i look back and realise that i am acknowledged and revered by EC2K3, It invariably meant that i am done the same at higher levels .If ever there was a batch with such variety and a knack to excel, I, at times feel, could be just second to us.
And most importantly, a source of identity .

This name gave me a feeling of belongingness, an aura of elation, bouts of laughter, charm of team wotrk, and an oppurtunity to actualise .

“This with all the respect and admiration intact, for our seniors. We recognise their contribution at various levels , which in one or the other, has powered us and made us confident enough to stand and say this”

What to me, LOC is?

LOC !! to me would be a culmination of an desire to be extravagantly extrovert. Simultaneously, a aspiration to rope in other people who desired the same and needed a platform. Literally, an aspired endeavour. An endeavour to bring about change.A change if i could be a part of.

The word “change” is really important , for i was bored of the way life happened (in the words of atanu chatterjee,sindri). Somewhere down the line, i wanted crowd to be more vibrant. SO THAT, INSTEAD OF LIFE HAPPENING , LIFE IS LIVED.
I am pretty sure, this has put a very blurred and not so specific picture of what LOC is!!!
But then, that was what it meant to be, at the first place. It was touted to be defined by each individual in it’s own specific terms to develop and actualise his/her potential. To put it in very crude form, It was meant to make leaders out of individuals. May be, you would feel, “isn’t this getting overboard”. No! would be the answer.Simply put, Even a failure would have meant, a potential leader.
Precisely put, LOC , to me, meant to be the path to the end, Never the cult itself.

My identity:

May be, my ability to strike chord with people. May be, my ability to create laughter or May be, my ability to take things at serendipity.

“May be” ????

Because, an identity is a gradual development brought about by the symbiosis of character,nature and will. For the time being, the gradual development is in process. The symbiosis and the will to create it would require effort . Even more importantly, time.
Give me time ! and then may be, it would be my work that would define my identity, some day.

On a scale of 5.00
My commitment towards life:: 1.0
My commitment towards friends:: 4.95
My connitment towards LOC:: 0.5

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