Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yet not trying to give their opinion

Visit to Itafort as a difference creating adventurous event, had we succeeded in coming close to the motive:Coming to those LOCians, who have something inside them that need to be shaken for committing towards the cause and say something in favor or against the two bolders.Talking about myself, it lies far somewhere in me that helps me to at least try and get into it.Trying to do innovative in the sense of filling up the gap between the parties, we have move ahead and can show the couchy potatoes that there are some guys living here only who were not born yesterday and can move the world in the right direction.

1 comment:

Saurav said...

Now, thats an interesting TITLE..
And thats how it shall be..

Nice start, dear and i wish its just the beginning when words and thoughts start to pour in in full volume...

I was personally waiting for it, for a long time..

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