Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The last meeting ended with a great hue and cry which was not expected from me? Everybody was trying to clear his doubts relating sensex and its queries. Rohit started the discussion as expected but owing to large scale interrupts (in the form of questions) arising in the middle from both boys and gals, he was upset. What I do believe is that sensex being a separate course of economics can not be studied up to its penultimate limit. Better we should learn about the basic things we encounter in our daily life. Shares, vvi in this field were cleared to a large extent in this meeting. How is sensex calculated? being very important was also covered. Now the most important is what are the factors which affect sensex which I suppose is far needed rather than going into depth of whole topic. Last time I heard serial attacks on various trains in Mumbai created a huge setback in the value of sensex.these concepts are far important.
lets see what we are going to learn in future.

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Saurav said...

Alok, have patience man!!

Which hue and Cry, are you talking about?
I think I missed that part.. because all I saw was friends talking, shring their views...

Common Yaar!!

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