Friday, February 1, 2008

The power of those three words....

I was just wondering the other day.....

how many times do we (un)knowingly express our feelings to the person we really meant to,but still what is left behind is saying those three words.
Means, we act in the perfect way,we talk in the perfect way, we do all such stupid(read special) things to let the one know that yes,you are the one,but still cant say those three words.

Those three words,
as if each and everyone out there is a fool, and need to assure that what they are seeing is making exactly the same sense its making.

But then, i understand that it takes courage to say someone, "I LOVE YOU", and even more courage to let your love go from right in front of your eyes to decide whether its coming back or not.

I was just wondering the other day.....

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