Friday, February 1, 2008

Bringing you some current affairs !!

Oh i am sorry, did i say affairs? I wont tell you about the latest girl out of PD's magic bag, no...
I meant the spectacular inaugural ceremony of the 20th Atheletic meet of NERIST,though under 'flood lights' where, it seems,the flood was meant for the pouring rain because there was hardly any light.
But not taking the credit away from the organisers,they did splendid job against all odds,three cheers for all of them.

And L.O.C. was proud that Rohit Rai led the parade with brilliance and grace which was expected from him.

And obviously, INFOSYS... About which everyone is reluctant to talk,but keeping their fingers crossed.
Here is L.O.C. wishing all members best of luck for the next big thing...
Make us all proud !!
Also extending these wishes to all NERISTians,we hope for the best thing to happen.

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