Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last post of 2016 on the last day of 2016

It's been a very interesting year and how do you spend the last of the 365 great days of the year? I carefully chose this quiet evening to slow it all down and reflect on the year that is almost over and the one which is knocking on the door.

1. If I can make a list of events in the order of importance, this is where I will agree with the editorial panel of the world's most renowned magazine. USA choosing Trump as the next POTUS simply trumps all other events. I did follow the long election campaign throughout the year and the conversations around it were greatly intellectually stimulating. The new found love for the American politics was a result of a mix of the personality of Obama, Trump and Sanders, US visit and a number of very casual conversations that I was having with my US colleagues at Xerox.
2017 is going to be an exciting year because the world will get to see a CEO style of leadership and it will affect everyone directly or indirectly.

2. Switching from Xerox to Seagate

Today (31st Dec) also marks the end of the Xerox Services as a business experiment which started with the acquisition of ACS by Xerox and finally spinning it off as Conduent, under an Infosys veteran Ashok Vemuri. My switch was triggered by this announcement of this split and with the current role and responsibility at Seagate it's turning out to be a good decision.

2017 is already promising to be an eventful year with two exciting projects in both India and world level. I am determined to make the most of each of them.

3. Britain's exit from the EU.
I will have to admit that I expected a major impact on the global and Indian economy because of this major decision. But all I could sense so far is the talks of global economic slowdown and may be TATA in India got hit in some way.

4. Meeting "The One"
Now this is special. 2016 will go down as a year I will frequently revisit to cherish this special and life changing event.
2017 will get you more details on this...

5. Summer Olympics 2016.
A rather disappointing show by India except for what PV Sindhu was able to achieve by winning the silver in badminton's singles event.

6. Get-togethers - Guwahati - Chandigarh - Pune - Bangalore
Guwahati happened, thanks to Alokojjwal and what a get together it turned out to be. Meeting Arun, Yesin after like ages was very refreshing. Chandigarh proved to be the perfect Punjabi Wedding and long due young guns get together. Pune, though an official trip helped me connect with very special friend and the year ended with another lovely surprise in Bangalore.

7. Demonetization
And yes, on 08 Nov 2016 the honorable PM of India announced an unprecedented move to cancel the legal tender of all 500 and 1000 rupees notes (which were at that time 86% of the currency in India). Throughout the world, all major business specialists and economists were taken by surprise by this bold move.
Whether this will work and achieve it's intended goal is what will take years to uncover but the way indians have received this across the nation is going to be a case study in itself.

2017 is going to be the year when I settle down and start the new journey with a life partner and I am so looking forward to it.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

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