Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Writing about experience withYoga-Celebrating International Yoga Day

Hi All, apologies for not coming here to write very often. The credit goes to my disability of expressing my thoughts in writing in the exact way I want to express. Most of the time when I start writing a thought, at the end I find that the written words are expressing something totally different. But I like to read and that means I encourage others to write.

That's why I am here today, to encourage and request you guys to write for my website. Not exactly my website, it's the website of the non profit organisation I volunteer for.

For international yoga day I am organising an online article writing contest on this website. The  winning articles will be published in our website as a blog. Also a 25$(Around ₹1500) amazon gift card is there for the winner. Find details

 My request to all is to jot down a few thoughts about yoga and send me. I am sure everybody has thought about practicing yoga, some has already started and some not. Those who already practice yoga or pranayama , my request to them is to write about their experience. Those who have not yet started practicing surely have some passive experience of Yoga, positive or negative. Please take out some time and write few words and send it to me by 19th June .

 I know it's  a very short window. And nobody except me is more sorry for the fact that I didn't write this blog sooner.

I really really need help from you guys to make this event a success.

Though there is a concept of winner for sake of competition, I am planning to publish all the entries on the website on yoga day. So Please take out a few minutes and write on your experience of the idea of Yoga.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. 

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