Sunday, March 22, 2015

Revisiting the Cracker of an Event: Faculty vs Students debate @NERIST

When Ms. Thongam Rina recently got the CNN IBN Indian of the year in Public Service award, it struck me that we had interacted with her back in 2007 on our own small platform of LOC.
CNN IBN Indian of the Year: Public Service: Thongam Rina

All it took was a little bit of digging in the past, carefully captured and documented and here we have...
One of the best event organized in NERIST history where the faculty members and students debated in public on the topic: "Should faculty members intervene in the personal life of students?""

What happened in the next couple of hours... as they say was historical and exquisite exchange of ideas, open discussion and some high quality fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the batches who were there in NERIST in 2007, tighten your seatbelts for a nostalgic journey, and for those who weren't... We did something special back then.. witness the history here...

To watch all the episodes in a playlist format, Click here:
Full Playlist of the LOC Debate

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sachin said...

Nostalgic Indeed.. :)

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