Monday, February 16, 2015

Last Fortnight: Small LOC get-together at Bangalore, Ind vs Pak, A lot of Reading, A lot of work. Feb 16 - Feb 28, 2015

As a part of my new year resolution, I am gonna pen down 1 post (min 500 words) every fortnight.

The week was made memorable by the sudden arrival of Lieutenant Commander Rohit Rai in Bangalore and a last minute plan to gather everybody we could have; from all corners of the city. Meenakshi came down from the North (both Bangalore North as well as North India), while Poly and Sachin made it for the dinner from South. Well my lucky day to be able to play the role of the host in Bangalore East. The dinner was short in lieu of the time and for the fact that it was Wednesday (a sacred work day in the lives of Bengaluru).

What followed the dinner, and when Mnx and Poly-Sach left was a night full of classic college gossip, accounting for each other’s recent adventures. Last time I met Rai was at Birati, Kolkata when PD joined us in the gup-shup which lasted for the whole night. I couldn’t decide whether Rai has changed for the better, or he hasn’t changed at all. I guess that’s what he felt for me as well. That is what makes college friendship great and sustaining one. When you spend time with someone through their growing years, when you literally grow with a group of people you tend to build a kind of understanding of the true self of them. A true self, which gets modified later but doesn’t leave the essence.

And then Lambu missed his flight. It’s still an unanswered question that from Bengaluru why was he going to Mumbai and then to Kochi (180 degree opposite route). So the adventure which was supposed to last for just over 18 hours spread over 2 days. We continued our discussions on random topics – our work profiles, how organizations and the navy are so different and yet so same, about corruption, about LOC, about lifestyles, about what’s next>>>

Ind vs Pak.

Moving on from where Rai finally left for Kochi directly, in fact hastily to reach there before the V-Day (he left a few stuff at my place), the mood shifted to the World Cup – 2015. Personally I am keeping a tab on my keen interest in cricket knowing fully well that the current team will at max create a flash in the pan sort of experience before bowing down to the better skilled and prepared oppositions. But everything takes a back seat when India plays their arch rival Pakistan. This well hyped encounter is made special by the fact that Pakistan has never been able to defeat India in a world cup match, ever.

And the result was that the score line now says #6Ind-0Pak.

I have to admit that the way Indian team played they proved me wrong. In the absence of any legend to soak in the pressure, this young Indian team, showed immense discipline and application. They fought through the hard period and once the foundation was set capitalized when the crucial moments came. Kohli enjoyed his good run with the bat and in his final frontier he consolidated the batting line up against a quality attack from Pakistan. In the second half MS soaked in the pressure when it mattered and led the team to a very decent start in the world championship.

A lot of Reading.

I picked up my reading from where I left it while preparing for Goa. Finished ‘Lazza’ by Taslima Nasrin, devoured ‘Timeless Steel – Rahul Dravid’ by espncricinfo and having read 10 in a span of 45 days, moved on to some serious non-fiction by C.K. Prahlad (The Future of Competition). Peter Senge’s ‘Fifth Discipline’ is waiting to go next.

A lot of Work.

And while all this is happening around me, I am also officially mentoring an MBA student for a project on Intrapreneurship (not Entrepreneurship) and obviously working as an internal consultant for Xerox Services. Work at Xerox has picked up in with a new vigor and my plan is to make the most of the opportunity of the freedom to experiment. More about that in coming posts.

Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author and are subjected to agreement or disagreement. And a request to all members, Please share your views !!

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