Sunday, September 12, 2010


The festival season is back.. today Id and Ganesha chaturhi is making buzz.. a few days later, Durga puja and Diwali would be there.. these festivals have been the unique feature of our country.. these are the times when people from different religions intermingle with each other and thus reduces the tensions of communal and regional differences.. these festivals also boosts our economy as shares start escalating owing to large scale investments by the people. markets flock with colourful items and thus attracts humans of all ages...
India being a secular country has some of the world's vast potential in terms of cultures, languages, people...As for example lets the case of a small state arunachal pradesh.. though this state has a population of just 15 lakhs (although it has an area equivalent to bihar), it has around 52 tribes all having different languages and different cultures..and its interesting to note that they communicate in hindi only because of this huge language divide..
This is not the case of only arunachal, the whole india is having uniqueness in each and every field.... Recently India was ranked 7th in terms of favorite locations for holidays.. Do u know why? thats because of the decent hospitality and a bunch of cultures accumulated at a single place.. no country can provide this much amount of diversity..
But we need to preserve this diversity.. this is being diluted owing to large scale westernization and privatization.. Human values are being mortgaged to maximize profits and earn money..large scale scandals and corruption is demoralizing the health of common man..Also there are some of the worst internal problems .. Naxalite neing one of them.. rising prices are making the life of common man hellish..
The moral of the story is that our country is great.. and there are shortcomings in each and every country.. but we indians are robust and capable enough to overcome these... Lets hope for the best and do our best to counter all these..


pD said...

well till the end, i thought it was expressed by sachin..
and no doubt it was a loc material..really, wonderful thoughts typed..
and at the least we can hope and do our best..JAI HIND!!

Saurav said...

Nicely picking up from all the corners of the country!
Jai Hind !

Well compiled Alok, keep it up!


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