Friday, February 19, 2010


One splotch is all it takes
One insult, one lie
One mark on my wings
And I am unable to fly
One more dream shattered
One less I have to achieve
Trapped I am in this darkness
My wings are broken
Look at what you did with cruel ease
One tear stained broken down girl
I am desperate to breathe
This cage you have imprisoned me in, is suffocating
You have taken my spirit to live
Now only doom and despair surrounds me
There is no way out of this death surrounds me
It’s been that way for weeks yet no one came
My heart frozen blue with tears
In this mournful silence
I know I have to take the bow
With nothing left to plead
I go down on my bullied knees
And surrender unwillingly to fate
With my blood stained wings…….


Saurav said...

Amazing writing skills, praises galore :-)


pD said...

maan gaye janab..

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