Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take your Life back inspired

In today’s world, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of complications. It seems we have to go to great effort to get back what is natural, what is pure and what is simple. Naked addresses this ever growing need, guiding you through different aspects of your life and exploring how you can enjoy the goodness of simplicity. The book has four sections, based on the four classical elements. Water, Earth, Fire and Air, which the ancient Greeks, believed as the fundamental blocks of all matter and energy. In Naked, the four elements represent four natural approaches to personal well-being. Water looks at how we can use this essential substance to cleanse our lives, washing away mental and physical toxins. It helps you to explore all the ways that water can enhance living, both in terms of cleaning and restoring health and well-being. Earth invites you to enjoy all the goodness and energy of the earth. This includes the substance of the earth itself as a cleansing agent and as a source of minerals. The chapter also looks at the foods that spring from the earth, and the many ways we can enjoy the beneficial energy contained within them. Fire is about creativity, and energy. It helps you to unleash your creativity and get your mind into a fertile, productive space. The book also explores how we can sustain positive energy within us to meet all the challenges and opportunities that life throws our way. Air deals with your connection to the spiritual aspects of yourself and looks at how you can achieve harmony and balance in your life. It explores the lessons to be learned in the simple act of breathing and presents various methods of meditation. The book also discusses relationships and the ways that you can achieve balance within them. This completes the mind, body and spirit approach of the book.
As the pace of life gets faster, it is more important than ever for us to remember the important things in life, to keep things simple, and to be naked once again.

Naked (how to feel naturally healthy) by Linda Gray. A Nature book regarding reviving yourself and using nature to heal your physical and mental liabilities. It’s one of my personal favorites. Be sure to read it and be pure, feel yourself again. I am really inspired, so posted the introduction of the book, for just an insight. Once you get to it, you know there’s a lot more, that nature offers you, just spend some time to read it and if you believe in it, practice it.

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pD said...

tankz mate..i'll definitely give it a try..

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