Friday, October 8, 2010


"We need affiliation from people around us. We need it for our own enrgy." I dont know how many of you agree with this....but the sentence says alot.....we all need affiliation....its true but do we need it for our own that the reason for which I need it....I thought over it....I gave a deep thought over it but then I realised the sentence is not for me...."we" can not be replaced by "Mnx"....
By the end of the day when I feel I have not talked to my friends either I message or I call them up....that is not because I need something in return...mujhe apni friendship pe itna bharosa hai bin mange sab kuch milega.....but because its about the friendship.... atleast I cant stop myself from talking to my dear ones...I love listening to them I love sharing with them....the best thing is that now I dont need to tell my friends(Air Force) who is Poly, Nupur, Paromita, Bipul, Prantar, Sachin, Ved, PD or Rohit......they know alot about them....and you now jab papa ke paise use karti thi tab wo maza nai ata tha spend karne mein ab to jaise kuch bhi dosto ki pasand ka dekhne se u can't stop urself from buying....I met with many friends out here....pure din ek saath after a long time.....and then at the end of the day I asked what all changes they observed within me and then the things I heard was awesome....thanx to everyone.....I love sharing my experiences with PD and Sachin days bohot yaad ata hai was awesome!!!!!!
When Rohit was in problem and he called me up I was so haapy....but the worst part was hum canteen mein 5'O clock mil nahi sakte the....but the feeling says somewhere someone is there who think about you....and consider you close to him/her.....when paromita call me up for all that happening in her life......when Bhaiti says yaad aa gai tujhe meri...wo sachin ka phone receive karte hi excited sa "hi".....says alot without saying a word!!!!!!! Thanx friends its all U which tell me how much I know myself!!!!!!!!!!!
I hardly watch my new photoes....when ever i sit on Lappy I keep on opening the college pics.....Paromita u remember the song for your birthday "wo hai Paromita"......all my friends saw the video and they all liked it a lot.....after thinking I can say that the sentence cannot be for me....atleast those who know me can say you all alot............!!!!!!!!!!!


prahlad said...

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Saurav said...

Hey nice thought buddy! And if I were to mention here from where you got this statement, not many would be surprised.

In my opinion, and in my job's opinion too, thank god there are few things which are always true about human beings. Otherwise managing them would actually mean chaos.

One's want/ need to be recognized is one of them. It can be in any form, acceptable or else. But one thing is for sure, you can't deny the basic human nature.

I am sure that all are changing for good, and would love to hear from them about the past 16 odd months.


pD said...

hey, love 2 hear 4m u 2 yaar!!

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