Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pay for courage!!!

What happens when you show courage (or i should say common sense) in India?
Ans:Nothing..instead you'll lose what you used to get.

Recent incident:
During the Jama masjid firing incident a rikshawpuller,Saleem Ahmed did what his senses told him..he threw some pebbles towards the shooters n tried to stop them from escaping...he became the talk of the day,hero of the city through media but from that moment on nobody was willing to take a ride on his rikshaw.People were afraid that they may be targeted if they ride his rikshaw.The whole day he earned nothing whereas his collegues had a good business,he had no monet to buy the day's food for his home..he paid high for a bit of courage.Media used him like a hotcake for sale, mae his face well known all around and took away his earning...
Whatever is being written here are the personal views of the author him/her self and are subjected to agreement or disagreement.And a request to all members, Please share your views !!


pD said...

this is realy bad :(

Saurav said...

Hi All,

In my view, media was not wrong in appreciating him on his act of courage.

The problem with Speaking Up or doing an act of courage is that it brings a long term perspective into the picture. You do something good and you start expecting a reward for that immediately. The point is to keep on doing the right thing without thinking about the perceived risks involved.

It's just a matter of time when people would come out of the awe of this incident, and life would be normal for him and for all.

I know it's easier said than done, but that's how it is. People get disheartened by the problems faced in the first attempt they make and completely stop taking the right decisions.

@Paro: - I know what your next comment is going to be, so lol.. for that in advance.


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